Our Company

Founded in 1986, We serve as Wealth Advisors to highly successful individuals, business owners, executives, those in life transition, retirees and young families. We are a network of professional advisors, tax professionals, and estate attorneys. Our NETWORK of professionals has expertise in the areas of financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, insurance, investments, and employee benefits programs. We are registered with the Massachusetts Securities and Exchange Commission. As a registered investment advisor, (RIA) we strictly follow the principals of a fiduciary. Our clients’ interests always come first in advising what is best for them. We are FEE ONLY and do not sell products. We are strategically linked with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.-Institutional, which allows connection to their proprietary technology platform, SchwabLink. This enables us to service, view and download all daily activity in our client’s accounts.

Our Philosophy

We are best equipped to serve individuals, families and businesses who appreciate the importance of sound financial planning. Most of clients want to decrease taxes, minimize costs of providing insurance protection, increase spendable income, and build meaningful assets. We help our clients develop, organize and monitor a MASTER PLAN synthesizing their financial, estate, tax, legal and life planning goals. The complexity of today’s financial marketplace, coupled with the effects of today’s economy make these goals increasingly difficult to achieve without professional assistance.

Our Personalized Approach

We conduct an in-depth review of the overall financial circumstances of our clients including tax, retirement and estate planning objectives during our initial conference. This permits the development of a personalized MASTER PLAN and investment strategy which is consistent with both the short-term and long-term goals of our clients. We regularly review such plans and alter our investment management when appropriate. Beyond just administration of assets, the truly personalized nature of our financial planning process has proven to be a valuable service to our clients.

Understanding Diversification

We are firm believers in diversification and “safety first” strategies, which is the key to successful investing. Diversification creates the security we are all looking for in today’s economy. In fact, the principles behind this type of investing is rather simple: By diversifying our client’s investments across different groups of stocks, bonds, and ETF’s/mutual funds, we are able to obtain lower risk yet increased client satisfaction. Additionally, by employing “safety first” techniques, we are able to adjust client’s exposure to equity risk up or down depending upon economic and stock market conditions. This type of monitoring is particularly important during a Bull and Bear Cycle where markets can fluctuate wildly and portfolios are whipsawed.

Man writing out calculations

Our Three-Step Approach

  1. Master Plan Objectives– Finding Out What’s Best for You and Your Situation.
  2. Asset Allocation– What Combination of Assets Best Suits your Needs and Desires.
  3. Analysis of Assets– We’re Interested in Maximizing Returns while Minimizing Risk Given your Personal Risk Profile.

What We Can Offer You

  • Professional Management of Your Investments – Customized to Your Specific Needs
  • Quarterly Evaluations and Annual Summary of Your Personalized Portfolio & Master Plan
  • Financial Planning Including Tax, Estate, Retirement and College Planning
  • Preparation of Corporate, Fiduciary, Estate, Federal and State Income Tax
  • Legal Services Network