Investment Management Services

Proper asset allocation is the KEY to meeting financial goals and performance. During our initial meetings we work to design an investment portfolio or as many portfolios as necessary to address each specific personal need as required through the development of your MASTER PLAN. We take care in creating each portfolio to meet your goal, risk tolerance level, time horizon and personal constraints, i.e. social investing, climate change etc. We then monitor each portfolio to ensure that each goal is being met.

While each investment portfolio is engineered to meet a specific goal, risk tolerance level and time horizon, our investment process is applied equally to all portfolios. The process to successful investment performance includes:

Hand pointing at Portfolio Formation Text
  1. Successful investing requires a long-term view of discipline, patience and time.
  2. Implement a well-diversified portfolio across multiple asset classes. Proper asset allocation.
  3. Avoid unnecessary risk. Each portfolio is matched to specific financial goals. We will not take risk beyond that which is required.
  4. Choose high quality investments to populate each asset class. Thousands of available options are screened and only those are selected that will provide the best chance of success over time.
  5. Monitor selected investments to ensure they are meeting required expectations.
  6. Re-balance portfolios only when necessary. Re-balancing too often can reduce potential returns and increase trading expenses.
  7. Minimize investment management fees. Fees reduce performance over time
  8. Minimize taxes in taxable accounts by maximizing long-term gains.
  9. Adjust portfolio asset allocation to the economic cycle. Apply “safety first” principles in increasing or decreasing equity exposure.
  10. Alter and adjust portfolio construction as life conditions change.

We understand that this can seem like an overwhelming process. However, we are here to make it easy. We will teach you all that you need to know so that you can feel prepared for whatever comes your way. So don’t delay, the road to your financial freedom starts with us!